Mastery of Ascension

When the human mind awakens to the spiritual mind, the human mind looks for answers to age old questions.

Ever since the human mind has lost it's connection to the spiritual mind, humans have felt lost in a reality they see as real, and they see the spiritual reality as not real.

Almost any religion has a life after death, meaning they belief the physical body is not all there is. But most believe that you can only reach that spirit existence after death.

What if in the beginning of creating human body existence upon earth there was no human mind, but only the spirit mind.

The human body is only a vessel for the spirit mind. We see how the human body is created by a man and a woman. From there the spirit comes into the vessel created for this spirit by other human bodies.

Because of the density within the earth reality most spirits are only able to connect enough with the human vessel to take hold and in a way operate the physical body. From there our spiritual mind relies on the human mind/ brain to function upon earth.

It is like the silver cord that many see as they travel out of body. The silver cord is the energetic connection between the spirit mind and the human body.

At the moment of the human mind awakening or becoming aware of the spirit mind, the human mind begins search for answers about things it can't find answers for in the human reality.

The thing the human mind is trying to find most is the purpose of being a human on earth. The earth reality is a duality reality with the worst and the best of all human experiences and everything in between.

The human emotions will be used to understand the spiritual mind. And things like love and hate are used as bench marks to understand the spiritual realities.

Considering we see love as the best emotion possible, especially unconditional love, we see or think our spiritual mind can only be that "love".

We like to think that if someone else in control they (spirit mind) should be just that love, they (spirit mind) can or should have our best interest in mind, and if that's true they (spirit mind) must love us (humans) and unconditionally love us, considering the bad things us human do sometimes.

We like to call it divine love, higher love, unconditional love, and us humans need to strive to become that as well.

The next question would be, why if our spirit is love, why is there the need for our spirit to become just that upon earth.

Our spirit is already love, unconditional love, etc.. At least that's how we see or understand it with our human mind.

Why would our spirit go through all the trouble of connecting into a human body?

The only reason I can think of, considering we have a duality reality upon earth, is that our spirit is here to experience the full range of emotions and experiences present within the earth reality.

Now why would our spirit need this? After all it is pure love.

But we can only define pure love or be pure love if we know what is not pure love.

Another question would be that "pure love" is a human concept so how would our spirit experience it.

For us humans love is in reality a very physical feeling, a human mind feeling. Our physical body reacts to love in some way. No matter what type of love.

Our spirit does not have a physical body. It just experiences what the human mind and body experiences. And those feelings are being translated by the human mind.

The human mind uses it's experience in the human reality to find ways to understand what our spirit thinks and feels.

Everything the human mind understands is related to a duality reality.

Our spirit however does not and is not within a duality reality.

So in a way love and hate and every opposite emotion and experience we see as humans is not present within our spirit reality.

That would leave the question of what reason would our spirit have for experiencing the human duality existence.

Our spirit is energy.

We all came from a source of energy that somehow created us into energy beings with awareness or consciousness.

But that awareness or consciousness does not have eyes to see, a body to feel.

So the only thing left would be to experience the energies at every level possible.

As humans we translate energies into thoughts. We translate our spirit energies into human thought.

What we don't know however is if our spirit thinks the way we as humans do. Considering our spirit does not live in a duality reality. Only part of our spirit is connected into this duality reality.

With our human eyes we can only see the human reality, while our spirit can see beyond this reality.

Our spirit sees or feels or experiences beyond the physical, so in a way it would make more sense if the part of our spirit outside of the human reality only experiences energies.

Now our spirit has decided to connect into this human reality.

The reason for this is something we as humans still not fully understand.

We try to understand through our human mind, but as long as we do it that way we will never fully understand.

So let's not limit ourselves by setting bench marks of how we as humans should act, or what we as humans should be like.

We can act from our human conscious to decide our actions. Do no harm is probably the best way as we act and live within this human reality.

However we probably did harm at times and we cannot really avoid it as we are after all humans living in a duality reality.

Forgive yourself and accept yourself as it seems our spirit is here to learn, it is here to learn the full spectrum of energies (emotions) available upon earth.

When we first came to earth as spirit, we were fully conscious and aware of both the earth and spirit reality.

We have gone through time spirals up and down deeper into density and out of density.

At this moment we have reached the deepest density possible within the earth reality. And now we are moving up the spiral out of it.

These spirals are long in human years, sometimes millions of years.

This does not mean we should give up on becoming fully conscious and aware again of the earth and spiritual reality.

Each and every person will do this in their own way when they are ready.

But do not limit yourself by thinking the human mind knows what it is to be spirit.

Allow yourself to explore, experience and move deeper and deeper within to find that source spark that we all are.

We might not be all these human feelings.

I think we are way more than these human feelings.

So don't define yourself by these human feelings, but find out what you are beyond it.

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