Love Revolution

This world is hurting so badly. So many of us are so angry, hurt and scared. We defend ourselves in ways that are so often destructive instead of constructive. We need to start looking at each other in the face, smiling more, hugging, saying hello, talking and just being kind again. We are experts at internet socializing but we can’t even look at each other in the face because are stuck in a virtual world. Mental illness and loneliness and depression is higher than ever because people aren’t hugging, talking or hanging out with their friends. They are sending cyber hugs and kisses and vibes through the cyber world. But the actual intimate exchange of humans is declining. People are our of touch with people. That’s what makes it so easy to murder people these days. No one is talking….we are removed from nature, from people, from our own humanity. We go to sleep with the phone on, tv on, radio on and wake up to those sounds. What do you think that’s doing to your body?? To your senses? When was the last time you consistently meditated? Prayed? Had quiet time without technology? It’s so necessary to ensure that your life is filled with so much joy and PEOPLE. Fill it with nature and natural sounds. We need each other. Crime, murder and violence on a whole will decline when people interact with other people in a healthy manner and not one based on competition, ridicule, shame and wrongness.

We need a love revolution.

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