Life is too Short!

Life is too short to be scared to live fully. Too much passes you by when you allow life to make you hardened. So much about this life isn’t ideal when you look at it from the space of expectation and disappointment. But I honestly believe that when we allow ourselves to be with the ebb and flow of life and strive to be the best of ourselves despite any pain or sadness, we leave room for miracle to occur.

The moment that you feel like every single door has slammed shut in your face, that’s the perfect time to walk through a brand new one. I know the road of life can be tedious and taxing. I know that sometimes giving up seems like the best option but when you just give up you cut yourself off from blessings. I’ve had my share of days where I saw no possibility but those days were so miserable and just sad honestly. The key to life is finding the joy in everything. Don’t let bad people or situations ruin you.

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