Life is Sweet!

I encourage my peeps to always see life as sweet. Too often we come to a place where we feel life is bitter or sour and we say this, we affirm that life is rough. It is a fact that we as human beings complain so much about the bitterness of life that we enroll others in our complaint and convince them that life is bitter, sour and gloomy. That is a shame!

Life is sweet. It gets sweeter as the words come out of our mouths because we begin to believe what we say and we live life is sweet. There are a few people that I know who say life is sweet but live it otherwise. They isolate themselves, they think everything is an attack, they live on past sorrows, they say they want something and they sit around and do nothing. These people are the life is sweet imposters. They say life is sweet but live life is bitter. WAKE UP!!!!!

The sweetest part of life is that there are moments that are genuinely sour and bitter but you take those moments and you remember This To Shall Pass, you handle the situation accordingly and heal. Healing is a beautiful process which will allow you to embrace the Life Is Sweet concept fully. You only get one life as you in this body right now. What do you do? You live. You laugh! You love! You heal!

Life is sweet even when it isn’t. If you can remember that you’ll be good all the time. You’ll be able to say say to those life is sour people that life is sweet. Life is indeed grand and they gotta stop living in that world. If they don’t hear you, move on.

Life is Sweet!!!

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