In Love and Life

In Love…

No one wants to wait in vain for love…. So don’t. There is no point in just waiting around for love to happen to you. You have to put some hard energy into loving yourself first. The amount of time you spend agonizing about whether or not he/she loves you or wants you, you could spend it giving yourself a love so amazing that it makes you wonder why you weren’t doing this all along. If you could master the art of loving yourself, I promise you will never again wait in vain for ANYONE’S love. The love that you need will find you because you will be ready. Don’t go searching for love, it will come, I promise.

In Life…

And no one in this universe stays young forever too, we will eventually get old and maybe even unable to take care of ourselves and we will be at the mercy of others. Now, based on how you are living your life would you like to be at someone’s mercy once you’ve grown old? Be good to people, not because of good karma but because it is the decent and humane thing to do. Go out of your way to make someone’s day bright. Volunteer, give back, take your time with all people but specifically children and seniors because they are the most vulnerable. Give of yourself selflessly, love openly, compassionately and with a purpose. Live your life purposefully and with an open heart.

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