If we are God, why do we limit ourself to the body and mind with limited awareness? Why not just be.

If we are God, why do we limit our self to the body and mind with limited awareness? Why not just be, without the body and mind?

That would be no fun at all, right?

This wonderful, vexing question has been asked throughout time immemorial in both the West and (especially) the East.

However all answers to this question, mine included, can be seen as ‘inadequate,’ is because you are asking from the mind for an intellectual, mental knowing answer & understanding of why Reality and it’s limitations (bodies that expire, egos, etc.) manifested at all, instead of just remaining in the “Being” or “Nothingness’ ‘state,’ and our minds absolutely cannot comprehend, unpack, or explain this. The human mind is a subject-object, duality-based ‘knower,’ that can only see ‘God’ or ‘Reality’ as the subject and everything God created or does as the object, and the two don’t exist separate from each other - there is only One. The human mind simply doesn’t have the equipment to ‘grok’ this.

So wise sages from the West, East and all everyone else give cryptic frustrating answers like these:

  • “It’s just Lila (Sanskrit for Divine Play.) It’s just God having fun for Itself”

  • “God wanted to discover and know itself consciously, and It couldn’t do that remaining only in an unmanifest ‘Pure Being’ state, so It had to roll out a universe, planets and bodies to have this experience.”

  • “In actuality, nothing ever arose or was manifested, it’s all an illusion. See if it arose! Go into the deepest Silence and deepest Source, and see if there’s anything there.”

  • All of it, even Awareness, is just rising and passing phenomena, non-relocatable or happening in any particular ‘location’ like our ‘bodies.’ It only seems that way”

  • “Awareness/Being isn’t limiting itself to bodies and other boundaried manifestation for any reason or purpose. Reasons and purposes are only in the realm of human mind judgments. It actually all happens spontaneously, pure function without any reason, and in no “time.”

Pick your favorite explanation. All of them are just mental masturbation, concepts that cannot and do not actually convey the true knowing of the apparent One apparently manifesting as the apparent Many.

Since we can qualify the possibility of existence as just ‘Being,’ without a body-mind, you may have just actually answered your own question, or at least, answered how to ‘know’ the answer. You must ‘just Be.’ You must go beyond mental knowing, way beyond, and directly live in & as Being… then you will know. You will see. You will Be. You will not ‘understand’ or ‘perceive,’ and the moment you return to your body-mind and mental subject-object perception, you will not be able to retain what you experienced as a concept or something you can relate in words & ideas. But you will Be, and ‘know’ that you always Are.

Confused Yet?

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