Identity Labels, Limiting Beliefs and Self Awareness

The thing about identity labels is that some people will fight to defend their identity labels because we're talking about the essence of who we believe we are. People will go to war sometimes to defend that which they identify with the most. And what we identify with we we tend to act in accordance. But, there is a new way of looking at ourselves.

When we come to define ourselves by who we are, first not by what we do know, but by how we feel or by what we like or dislike or not by what we believe. However, we've got to look at the facts. We've got to look at how we actually are and who we actually are. So if I was to ask you how you've experienced me through my writes, have I struck you as just simply being real being authentic. I've not tried to be the kind of woman that's going to you knowing hopefully that I can influence you until I can be more. I've just been authentic. I've been myself. And how I communicate through this in my writes is pretty much how I communicate and interact with people in all contexts in every area of life. I'm honest. To the best of my ability I tell the truth. I'm sincere and if I say something I mean it.

When I say, I like to define myself as being a woman of integrity by which means that if I do not live like this, I will top this place for integrity then this is me compromising my own identity. I like to define myself as being a creative woman. Look there's no limits on being creative and there's no limits on being integral. There's no limits on being sincere. For example, I call myself a relatively caring woman, a generous woman, a loving woman, the famous self as being a passionate woman. If not, you can call me a liar right now but still I know me better than you. It's not you who defines who I am, it is me. In the same way, it's not anyone else who gets to define who you are as you, it is your decision to make. This is where many people subscribe to all sorts of unhealthy ideas.

A lot of people are off on this idea that we are predetermined, by who we are with or its someone else's plan. We cannot change who we are. That's utter garbage. We change who we are every single day as we grew an understanding of ourselves. Remember we have self awareness, self management, social awareness and social influence. It's not what we do that influences people the most in life is who we are.

Do we want to be available people? Do we want to be self aware people? This is an identity thing right.?

If I say that I'm aware, that I best strive to be as aware as physically possible. We're using no words, however we are using labels. By doing this, use of labels and words that are uncapped rather than three letter words or six letter words or seven letter words a 12 letter words.

For example:

I am this religion; I am not religion; I am this rank; I am that rank well what happens if you rank changes?

What happens if you lose your job? What happens if your confidence and self-esteem is based upon the rule you are currently fulfilling and then your rule comes to an end?

What happens if you define yourself by your sexual preference and then in time your preferences change then you are in a pickle.

What I'm saying is, we don't have to use words or rules or preferences or likes or dislikes to define ourselves.


Because none of us need to be contained and we all have the potential and the capacity of being whoever we will arrive to be. We're talking about our ability here to exercise our free will to be who we want to be. No one else could define who we are, nobody apart from us ourselves.

Every single day gives us opportunity to start afresh every single day gives us opportunity to make a clean slate of our life. A lot of people define themselves by what they do and how they do, and this is just who I am. It's just how I am. But is this how I must be for the rest of my life? By ambition we would each get to choose who we are and therefore you can define yourself.

The core of who you are is caught in your core identity in a way that limits you or in a way that liberates you.

So what do you choose?


I'm not good enough? Well that's going to impact what you do and how well you do what you do.

I'm not lovable? What does that mean that about you?

Do you want to be lovable? Yes. Well be loving caring.

Well I didn't have any friends. That's cool! How generous are you? I don't have any friends! Well I guess if you started being more generous and if generous is who you are, you're most likely attract some some new friends.

So choose this day.

If you think about what a successful life might actually look like for some people. A lot of people in the world would see money, success and materialism, big houses, fast cars, all that kind of stuff, however it's all quite empty, especially those who've ascertained these things, they know all to well how empty all of their materialistic possessions in the world can be sometimes.

But when it is meaningful, it is when we are just simply being true to who we are by living life in a congruent way and then leading other people by example other people become inspired by us just simply being who we are.

Some people will focus on what we do and what we've got and then try to to model and copy to get the same outcomes and results. And that's just kind of like another form of mind slavery. There's no way we can copy and imitate other people.

We've all been educated and more often than not in an unhelpful way amassed not because our parents and our teachers and guardians or our role models in life. It is just because we arrive at inaccurate assumptions, inaccurate conclusions and get things wrong. This leads to sometimes ending up telling ourselves completely untruthful stories and making completely inaccurate assumptions and decisions about ourselves.

You don't just have to go through the rest of your life proving yourself, when you can actually just go through the rest of your life being yourself.

I am completely grounded and confident and secure in who I am I know who I am. I strongly urge you to spend time going looking at yourself and see if you can define yourself in a way that isn't just going to be justifying of your likes and your preferences and your beliefs but instead is going to enable you to step into a more liberated state of existence.

We don't have to spend the rest of our lives making out that we've got it all together or that we're perfect. If we will be humble enough to acknowledge our imperfections. If we can get over our own imperfections, it means we can start getting on with just simply being who we actually are - perfectly imperfect.

Share this with other people because there are billions of people in this world who don't have the faintest idea how to even start defining themselves.

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