I See The God In Me

I see God in me, therefore I see God in you. My relationship with God has always been an interesting one. I always knew that God was real but I just didn’t really understand the depth and width of the realness. One day I was walking near a heavily forested area and it was almost as though I saw God. I was all of a sudden overcome by the abundance of all the green around me. I mean the towering trees with all of the leaves, the grass, the shrubs, everything was so alive and abundant. That was moment that I got clear that God is a loving God and anything that we could ever need or want is right at our fingertips because God provides us with more than enough.

God created everyone of us. I relate to God as a man. God created me in his image and likeness, therefore I am whole, complete and fully capable. God created me and everyone else with love that is unlimited and boundless. When God created us he breathed life into us and we were created with perfection. When we are born all we know is that we are pure and we are a vessels that can carry many things but God wants us to be a vessel of love. As we grow, circumstances and worldly things move us away from our original state of purity and being a vessel of complete love. We step into some self loathing due to outside forces and we lose sight of our true nature. Instead of seeing love we see our shortcomings, flaws and wounds and we relate to ourselves in that way; broken. We tear ourselves down so much, and we have these thoughts that correlate with us being broken and we attract one bad thing after another into our lives. We claim that we are unworthy and  the things that are happening are perhaps justified because we have fallen so far from grace. What? How the heck did this happen?

Recently I have been meditating often and in my meditations I have been asking God to breathe life into me and to continue to guide my thoughts and my actions. Once I really understood that GOD is always in me and working through me that made it easier to do what I am sent here to do. My mission while I am here on this earth is to love unconditionally and to be of service. That is how I must honor God and therefore that is how I see God in me. I see God in me by loving myself with no judgement. I see God in me when I am being of service to someone who needs my assistance and that’s when I see God in them. I see people as being whole, complete and fully capable. My job is to support them with seeing themselves that way too.

God doesn’t want us to be scared and to have fear. Why? Why fear the one you love? Why fear someone who created you and breathed life into you? God is to be loved and to be respected. I deserve to be loved and respected. You deserve to be loved and respected. God is a wonderful God and a loving God. God sees us as beautiful and perfect creations, we need to see ourselves that way too. God is real. Honor God by loving yourself and others unconditionally. Honor God by being of service to humanity.

I see God in me. I see God in you.

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