How does hypnotic ab-reaction work on suppressed emotions.

Your focus changes your focus.

Your focus changes your emotions.

Your emotions effect your description of your experience, and thus, your focus.

You are dreaming yourself.

You are coaching yourself.

You are inventing yourself.

You are a feedback loop.

You are a reading process, reading this -

Like other terms concerning “hypnosis”, this term and the experience we create with the term “hypnotic ab-reaction” depend on the presupposition that THERE IS such a thing as hypnosis.

If anything, like the power of religion, the power of certain beliefs, the power of certain ideologies, the power of hypnosis depends of entertaining that there even is such a thing.

As we become fascinated with “hypnosis”, we can’t help but find proof of it in our experience, because our experience is constantly being augmented by the concepts we entertain. If we entertain the concept of hypnosis, we can’t help but be entertained by it, be colonized by it. This is our very relationship to ideas.

Even without using the term “hypnotic ab-reaction” most people’s ideas about hypnosis pertain to experiences “beyond our control” as well as experiences that are powerful, perhaps therapeutic, perhaps private - things wouldn’t ever say, do, or perform normally - even more demonstrative that what is happening “beyond our control”.

So hypnosis experiences, in many people’s imagination involve hilarious laughter, hysterical tears, catatonic silence - behaviors that validate that something is happening that is “beyond our control”, itself the feedback mechanism by which we convince ourselves and the other that “this is hypnosis”, or “this is love”, or “this is the revolution”, or “this is rock and roll”, or “this is kundulini”, or “this is enlightenment”, or “this is the holy spirit”.

Once we’ve incorporated the feedback loop of any of these “beyond our control” social dynamics, we are even further engaged in the acceptation of any of the experiences meant to accompany that loop .

In the case of “hypnosis”, someone’s conditioning might prepare them for “hypnotic ab-reaction”, or even require ““hypnotic ab-reaction” to convince ones self that one is hypnotized.

Once we’ve accepted this notion of “hypnotic ab-reaction”, the door of suggestion is open that encourages “hypnotic ab-reaction”.

If you are invested in the idea that “hypnotic ab-reaction” is a necessary part of hypnosis, that all you need to do is go into hypnosis, and your interest in “hypnotic ab-reaction” is likely to encourage the experience you’re interested in.

If you are invested in the idea that “hypnotic ab-reaction” leads you to being able to “work through emotions”, that will effect your experience of “hypnotic ab-reaction”, and “work through emotions”.

The things you are interested in are automatically and constantly effecting your experience because they change how you filter, how you read, how you describe what’s happening to you - how you focus.

Your focus changes your focus.

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