How do you program your subconscious mind for success?

Here’s how you can program your mind for success in 3 steps…

Step 1:

  • Create a clear image of what success is to you.

  • What behaviors will you embody?

  • What thoughts would you think?

  • What would you believe?

Step 2:

  • Spend 10–20mins morning and night getting into a meditative state.

  • These are the best times to do this as your brain is in an alpha state which is relaxed wakefulness.

  • It’s the time when your subconscious is most impressionable.

Step 3:

  • In your meditations mentally rehearse yourself being successful in every way.

  • See yourself thinking and behaving in a way that the most successful version of you would.

  • You also need to make sure you “feel” how you would feel when you are successful.

Think about it like this…

  • Your thoughts are the signal to the universe of what you want.

  • Your feelings are the magnet that brings it back.

  • So you need to think of what you want AND feel it at the same time.

  • Once you can get your subconscious to accept a new reality you’ll start to move into that vision you created.

Another way that helps reprogram old subconscious behaviors for successful ones is this.

  • In the morning after your meditation…

  • Write down 4 self-limiting thoughts that you will become aware of today.

  • An example might be “I’ll do it later” or “I can’t do that”

  • Once you know what these are…

  • Write down the 4 new thoughts you’ll think instead when you become aware of the self-limiting thoughts you think.

  • An example might be “I’ll do it now because it’s the best thing to do ” or “I can do that if I put my mind to it”

  • You job then, is once you become aware that you’re thinking in an old way you need to change that thought to the new one you rehearsed right then and there.

Over time you will subconsciously think in a new successful way.

  • They say that brain pathways that “fire together, wire together”

  • So as you stop using those old self-limiting pathways in the brain of the thoughts and behaviors you used to subconsciously think and act…

  • You’ll be pruning away at those old pathways till they become inactive.

  • Then as you think and act in the new ways you decided you would then…

  • You’ll be firing and wiring new successful pathways of new thought processes that will lead you to become more successful.

Eventually, this will become SUBCONSCIOUS!

Also a great tool which can help implant a subconscious vision on your mind is Mind Movies.

It’s like a movie vision board you create.

If you watch them morning and night when your brain is in that alpha state you will impress that vision on your subconscious mind.

Good luck and know you can DO, BE or ACHIEVE anything you want in life!

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