How can you make calmness a conscious choice?

It takes mastery of our minds/emotions and physical bodies to remain calm. This mastery can be developed through genuine spiritual growth. There is a whole science of this.

Meditation teaches us how to consciously explore the human being and beyond. When we focus on certain dimensions within ourselves without rejecting ourselves, we can create peace and calm in our minds. When we haven’t developed the mastery, we live mostly unconsciously, and have unconscious tendencies that drive the creation of states different than calmness or peace or happiness within us. Practicing meditation is learning to live consciously and transform these unconscious tendencies into an understanding of conscious living.

It takes great dedication and consistent practice to more and more establish ourselves in the experience of our true selves which has this mastery. When we start practicing meditation, or do something equivalent, like starting living with intensity, awareness and passion, we sort of create a small conscious clearing in the unconscious landscape in our minds. The more we practice, the more this conscious presence expands into more of our lives.

While awakening, we start to discover that there is an energy that has no bounds within us, one with us. The more we live responsibly, the more we take charge of this energy, otherwise, we keep ourselves small, living in our unconsciousness. So, playing with greater energies, we need to also have learned to be more responsible, more conscious, more of the time. Playing in one’s comfort zone vs playing in more challenging intense situations is not the same. But great ‘men’ can maintain their calm in those difficult situations due to their developed mastery and conscious choice of utilizing this mastery. From any level of development, we can evolve towards mastery with our sincere desire and effort. Life is our teacher and it teaches us our lessons as we evolve further and further.

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