Here's to Us!

Ya know… love is good and it’s great and spectacular. Period. But showing me love and I mean an honest love comes along with honesty, transparency, vulnerability and a fierceness that makes me know and feel loved. It is a strong showing that my back is had and that I can trust that you’ll never walk out because the shit got too hard, too taxing, too cold or too many too’s…it means that you’ll stay, period. Staying means we stay together like glue, like a unit, long past the butterflies and the dainty fantasies. We will solidify ourselves in a foundation that is measured in the home that we build together, the stamps in our passports, in our marathon tickets, endless orchestra seats, sporting event passes and all of the things we do together for decades because that is what this love is, it is longevity and everlasting despite anything that is hurled our way. The kind of love that I seek is a love that possesses a depth that surpasses ocean’s core, it’s a breadth that spans over infinite galaxies, it is expansive like sand dunes infinity times an eternity. To have the gift of my love is to know heaven in every gesture for you. Me loving you requires me to be completely naked, completely and utterly bare of every fearful thought and every part of me that wants to hide. It is me, taking those fearful things and placing them into your hands and promising you that I will no longer allow those things to posses nor control me. I will give up every single bit of terrified control as long as you do the same. With your worries and fears, I will set mine ablaze and scatter every bit of our pasts into the ocean to swallow that whole. Our love is ready to begin when we watch the last remnants of our fear submerge into the cleansing of the watery grave of the past.

Here’s to the planted seeds of love, may it grow wild like the jungles covering a virgin earth. Here’s to us, creating heaven with every kiss and every touch.

Here’s to us.

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