Heart Breaks Lead to Breakthroughs

Thank all the conditional people in your life. All the ones who broke your heart. The ones who betrayed you and stabbed you in our back. The ones who mislead you, lied to your face, stopped loving you because of a flaw or no reason at all. Remember all of them absolutely thank them all for leaving you to grow, think, stretch, struggle, cry, to find your light in the deepest darkest corners if the most severe depression you’ve ever had in your life. Be thankful for that because you would never have known the kind of courage, fight, warrior power it takes if you weren’t knock down to the smallest version of yourself. It’s no competition or a show or any kind of joy in rising up from a broken hearted life but rather allow it to teach you how to own tour power. Allow the pain to teach you how to love yourself through all of the broken pieces, the tears, the fear, the realization that you mayors broken than you thought BUT you’re gonna love yourself very hard anyway. You learn your way around dark days, hard days and painful days and soon you’ll know how to feel them coming and allow the day to carry you without making yourself wrong or thinking that this is a permanent reality.

Heart breaks lead to breakthroughs where you are victorious over the bullshit of peoples humanity. You will be okay.

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