Healing the Hurt

Hurt people hurt people actually means that if you’re aware of your pain but you’ve taken ZERO steps or minimal steps to receive healing then you’re walking around with an open wound. You may not lash out at people directly but you will most definitely sabotage yourself when your wound is hit. It has nothing to do with malice, or wanting to actually hurt the people you love. Most people actually feel badly when they discover that they are in the same old pattern of destruction. Two hurt people shouldn’t be together, you cannot and will not heal each other ESPECIALLY because emotions are involved. Take your time to improve on your mental, emotional and spiritual wellness before you step into the realm of relationships. You’ll damage each other. A healed heart is a clean heart and ready to work with a clear mind to observe thoughts and make good choices. An unhealed heart is absolute destruction and will wreak havoc everywhere it goes unless healing takes place.

Don’t believe me? Observe the patterns in your life….see where your open wound has brought up fear vs love. Healing can start today if you choose that for yourself.

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