Have Gratitude for your life

Everyone has a journey. Do not envy anyone’s success or fame, you don’t know what they had to do to get it. Everything that glitters isn't gold. Focus on your journey, your story, your success…how do you want your story told? Reflect on the moments when you were in your valley….when all was dark, you were lost, struggling, sad and broken. Then…there was light. Who helped you? Who walked with you? Who held your hand. Those are the moments that you can reflect on when you are celebrating your success because without that falling down, you wouldn’t know what a comeback looks like. Consider that some people don’t come back from their fall.

Gratitude for your life and the friends who were there when it was hard for you to even live. That’s love and LOVING HARD is the only thing you need to be doing in this life. Love your Husband/Wife, Friends, and Family. They will not be here forever, neither will you….

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