I want FREEDOM for every mother, father, woman, man, girl and boy… any person who thinks that they have nothing to offer, I want to show them that they matter and they are capable of any and everything in life and love. I want to show them that they are beautiful and fully capable of having anything that they want. I want to inspire people who think that the world doesn’t want them. I want to inspire women who think that they are unlovable. I want to work with men who think that they are broken and who think they have nothing to offer. I want to work with people who have been damaged by the world. I WILL work with them, bring them to the light and give them not only a Velvet Rope Wisdom frame of mind but FREEDOM to simply be comfortable in their own skin. This is why I write like I do… giving people the RIGHT to be comfortable in their OWN SKIN! 

The Universe fulfills on your loudest thought. At any moment if you declare that you’re broken, sad, depressed, and unworthy then you will have every single thing that co-signs those thoughts. If you want to have the glory and the greatness of all things wonderful, powerful, amazing and fantastic then you MUST plant those thoughts in your brain. Plant it, nourish those thoughts, feed those thoughts and the actions that correlate with those thoughts will show up. Your joy is within your thoughts. Your freedom is in your thoughts. Free yourself and live life fully. 

And life is for living in the now, in the present, not the past or the future, it is for now!! Treat today as if it is the most precious day you have ever lived in your life. Treat it with respect, honor the day and use every moment wisely. Spend time with your children, parents, siblings, spouses and tell them what you have to say NOW. We often wait until we are sick, dying and having our lives flash before our eyes before we can say all that needs to be said….why, though? Say it all every day, no one ever gets tired of hearing an authentic I love you….SPREAD LOVE AND YOURSELF all around for all the world to have.

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