Let’s talk about forgiveness for a moment. I used to struggle so much with the thought of forgiving someone who really hurt me. I used to really be up in arms and wonder, Why me? How could they? The audacity! I would punish them in my head over and over again and replay the incident and just make myself more upset and angry about the situation. Meanwhile, the person who I was mad at was either lonnnnnnnnnnng gone or had no clue I was punishing them in my mind.

When I learnt about The Law of Attraction I was loving the idea. Like yes! This is totally for me, what I put out comes back. I do good deeds and good things so yes, awesome…that should be just fine. Then, it hit me…..EVERYTHING comes back around. So, could it be that I was punishing someone for hurting me but not taking responsibility for the fact that I may have hurt many people throughout my life and left them to be hurt and suffer? That thought made me weepy. I felt such sadness because not only had I been punishing someone for hurting me but I never once considered the kind of pain that I left someone to deal with. That thought was sobering and enlightening.

I realized that I had mess to clean up. Oh yes….cleaning my mess meant apologizing whole heatedly for any pain I may have caused and really restoring my integrity with that person by acknowledging my blunders. That was hard, and I didn’t want to do it but I discovered that people are far more generous and forgiving than I’d ever imagined. For myself I learned to also let go of putting myself through the pain of reliving my own hurts. Letting it go and just sending that person love freed me from so much baggage and chaos I was bringing to my own life.

Release your past and your pain by forgiving those who have hurt you because it serves you no purpose in your present life. None! Also, remember at one point in life you hurt people as well so think about how they may have felt.

Life is too beautiful to hold on to baggage…let it go. Forgive. Release. Start a fresh. Nothing more.

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