Focus on your commitment to Love.

I believe that the key to a successful life and the manifestation of dreams is to focus on your commitment to LOVE. Love in the sense that when you love life and you open yourself up to possibilities, then everything can be transformed into an opportunity to work in your favor. You have to love life enough to ensure that even when things are rough, you are clear that this is just a lesson to strengthen your faith and not to break you. Positive thoughts attract positive people and positive actions….your entire perspective on life is what will guide ALL of your outcomes. I encourage those of you who may be struggling to take inventory of how you react to life when it isn’t going well. Are you making things wrong? Are you making yourself wrong? Are you punishing yourself for past mistakes? Get clear that we all blunder, fall apart and make poor choices. So what? You have to build the life you love and the life you want by stopping at nothing to achieving your goals…but you do so with happiness and joy in your heart. If you have any anger, resentment or disdain, then you will have the hardest time in life. Be light…be love…be joy and you will attract all that and more.

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