Finding True Love: ACT ON AN EPIC LEVEL!

Can you meet your soulmate in weeks???


I know this is a lonely and confusing time, but I want to share with you that it’s ok to get real about it and feel the feelings. But then you have to do decide to do something to make a big change.

Everyone wants true love. Goodness, it’s your birthright to be loved!

And you know, many successful, amazing women aren’t feeling it lately because of past heartache, fear, doubt, careers taking up all the space in their lives, and a deep lack of confidence and self worth.

Deep down you may not feel really good enough to be truly loved.

Even if you have awesome friends and a great job….

Love is not feeling easy.

You take really good care of yourself and look great, so it’s frustrating that men or women don’t even look your way. ​​​​​​​ You may be spending a lot of time making excuses, or diving into projects and other business so you don’t realize how lonely you’re secretly feeling. The feelings of shame and anxiety are part of your daily life it seems.

It’s even harder knowing you should be feeling grateful for your great life, but you know something huge is missing. ​​​​​​​ Time feels like it’s slowly slipping away… and you’re considering settling for a someone who doesn’t make your heart skip a beat.

Sometimes you even think being alone isn’t that bad, because it’s now your norm.

But going home to a silent house, eating alone every night, waking up alone… that can really take a toll on you.

That feeling that no one really has your back or will ever love you in that way can be paralyzing.

You’re accepting your reality like a star that you are, but it’s getting to be too much. ​​​​​​​ And you just can’t figure it out anymore.

Have you been through a dry spell only to find it was a pretty joyless existence. Your worries of not finding your soulmate to travel and adventure with, be emotionally and physically intimate with, and just enjoy life with… this anxiety started to affect everything in you life…. your career, your friendships, your passions for hobbies like art and dance.

And of course, you started settling for non-committal people because you thought that’s all that was out there. You just didn’t know what to do.

And then YOU decided…

You would make a choice and actually ACT on it.

To find your best friend. To travel, adventure, laugh, cry, and connect with each other on a level you didn’t even know could happen. The EPIC level.

Many of whom I meet are super amazing men and women: doctors, professors, CEO’s… and they were drowning in feelings of desperation when they first came to me.

Can you imagine? A person with so much feeling like they had so little… because they didn’t have that one important piece. LOVE.

And you know, LOVE really isn’t overrated. It’s pretty incredible. It’s life changing. It can turn your life into a fairy tale in an instant. It brings deep joy. It brings meaning to life.​​​​​​​

I know how important this discussion is, because I needed this moment before I met my husband for someone to TALK to me about what was happening and what COULD be.

You can have confidence again and enjoy dating handsome, beautiful, kind, successful people.

You can banish all the doubt and fear and get right to the good stuff…

Trust yourself again…

And find jaw dropping intimate passionate LOVE.

It’s not too late. But tomorrow never comes, so when I tell you… you have to do something, I mean it! The men and women who are so successful in finding their soul mates are SO dedicated… and so decisive.

What’s been standing in your way of greatness?

I believe a transformation is necessary to make the big changes. No playing small. No reading some generic rules and then thinking your prince/ss will come along. In order to manifest a healthy, lasting relationship… you have to do the work to get it.

​​​​​​​I typically get on the phone with my beautiful clients and know RIGHT away if you’re a fit for Glow Power. Not everyone is a fit, and that’s okay too.

If you don’t already know, Relationship Coaching is a minimum 6mth Journey with me and other successful, professional, like-minded person like yourself. They are fantastic at everything in life… but LOVE has been so hard.

And for those of you who are not a fit for the program, again… that’s totally ok.

That is the big investment! When you’re ready for it… you will know.

This fast track to breaking through to epic relationship coaching is only for those who are:

Doing well in all other areas of their life… love is the one missing piece. If we have to go in and fix a lifetime of struggles, this coaching will NOT help you.

My coaching WILL help you if you are committed, dedicated and ready to take hyper-intelligent action.

You absolutely MUST be ready to get results. If you are wavering if you really want a great love story, this coaching is not for you. We believe in achieving EPIC love and getting groundbreaking outcomes. ​​​​​​​

And finally, I only accept those who are willing to be coachable and take responsibility. It’s YOUR life to live… I want you to succeed and to find the deepest, best love out there…I will give you all of the tools. But you MUST do the work.

You must come in with an open heart and open mind. You must be ready to examine yourself and get rid of the muck that’s keeping you in a place of loneliness and confusion.

Hey, no one ever said it is easy… but the simple system I teach you is effortless when you are ultra committed to your goal.

I want you to experience love that will make your heart pitter patter and your knees weaken. The love story of Nora Roberts novels. The Notebook kind of love.

My clients find this type of TRUE, RAW, LASTING love from doing the work on themselves. My mission is to empower you to get there as fast as possible. Time is of the essence…and your soulmate is waiting for you to commit to your future.

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