Finding Happiness from Within

Sometimes no matter how much we work on ourselves, our thoughts, our physical bodies we still have these thoughts of not measuring up in someone’s eyes. They would tell us that they love us and a part of us would wonder why. Or wonder if they loved all of you. I believe that even the most confident person wants to be seen as beautiful in the eyes of the person who they love the most. I’m sure that with all of the reassurance there’s still that piece of doubt. That thought that makes your body wrong for the way that it looks. The thought of being too fat to be loved or too skinny. The thought of not being busty enough or having a better butt or the paranoia of not being light enough or not dark enough or hair being too short or too kinky or too wrong. So many of us struggle with being wrong and making ourselves wrong for not being good enough. The only way to beat this is to realize that you actually are more than good enough and sometimes your good enough will not be wanted by someone. That’s the reality. Your happiness and your body and your way of being and your hair and all your imperfections see yours to love. The one who loves you will love you because they love you and for no other reason. But their love doesn’t change the fact that your worth is only linked to your word and your thoughts. Don’t let your worth be defined by how much someone loves you or doesn’t love you. Don’t let it be defined by the number on that scale. Don’t let it be defined by your imperfections. You’re a sum of your life experiences. You are a person who has struggled and overcome. What do you want for your life? If its happiness then I say get happy and love yourself the way that you are. If you aren’t happy then you just need to find what makes you happy and do that.

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