Fairy Tale Love

When the fairy tale within love becomes transformed, it takes on a whole new meaning when you reside within the heart and soul of your inner self and your beloved. You no longer desire to place any rules on your relationship or attach to playing roles. You then become a vessel for being love, seeing love, remembering love and respond to love in every moment and in every movement. The fairy tale is truly in the loving, in loving deeper, with every part of your essence. Even if it hurts, hurt is merely letting you know that a piece of you wasn’t vibrating in love’s essence and it is releasing from within you to continue your fairy tale of love. 

Your whole vision of love then changes, into seeing that love is always, in all ways, before you. Open your eyes. It is here now. Can you see it? Can you feel it? There are no limitations upon it. Choose the freedom of being and loving, profoundly, and intimately. Loving, through anything and everything, allowing you to levitate and bring you into a higher deeper meaning of LOVE…

Rising in love… this is the fairy tale. 

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