Encourage, Support and Balance

Encourage and support the partner that you are married to when they feel down and when they are up. Let them know that you see them and they can count on you to support them. Now, observe how they support and encourage you, is it even? Is it balanced? Do they put an equal amount of energy into you? That’s one way to measure a healthy marriage.

Now, some of you do this HARD for people who do not deserve this. You have these emotional vampires who you call partners and they take your kind words, your energy, and your support and they use it to fuel their needs. However, when you’ve just about given your last and you are tired and you need a little boost but they don’t even offer the slightest bit of support BUT they are still looking to see what they can get from you. That is a relationship of imbalance. Find a way to fix it to get to a place of balance or leave.

Lastly there are people who you will encourage and support and while they are grateful they don’t what they want. They are super thankful that you are there for them but they themselves have no real idea who they are, what they want or where they are going. These people have no energy to give to you. While you can drop a word of encouragement here and there, don’t get sucked into being their only resource for light.

They don’t even have the strength to reciprocate. You’ll get burnt out.

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