Emotional Intelligence vs. Intellect

Please stop confusing intellect with emotional intelligence. You can be a scholar with a high score for University entrance and still make poor emotional choices. Smart has nothing to do with affairs of the heart because our hearts take over. Now if you are talking about emotional intelligence that’s extremely different. Emotional intelligence allows for you to observe your thoughts and supports with making good choices.

Emotional intelligence is the part of yourself that allows you to decipher between a destructive EMOTIONAL situation and a constructive EMOTIONAL situation. You become fluid in that way of being by making some not so great choices and finally catching on to what FEELS good and healthy vs what you THINK will make sense. You see many “smart” people in some destructive, abusive, dangerous situations and we wonder how they got there. It’s not the same brain function as logic when you’re dealing with emotions. You have to know yourself and your reaction in certain situation s to have the emotional intelligence to maneuver through. That means you’ll have to have your feelings hurt quit a bit to be fluent in emotional intelligence to discern between the feelings and the thoughts.

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