Drawing from Strength Within

Stop for a moment..close your eyes, and allow yourself to feel strength.. Do not think about strength or picture yourself as strong... Simply be still and ask to feel strength... It is there... You can feel it.

Short pause…

As you become more aware of this strength, you will come to know that it is also Love, Peace, and Light.. The closer and more familiar with strength you become, the less you will mind if things in your world are not exactly to your liking.. You will not mind adversity as much because a sense of your own power will be growing.. Instead of trying to push away frightening experiences, you will pull difficult things closer to you simply to give yourself the chance to feel your own strength.. You will respond to difficulties with courage.. You will stop playing the victim.. You will sense that nothing outside yourself can inundate you.. Whatever happens, strength remains, and this knowledge will give you peace...

FEEL this Strength, its Yours, Always!!

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