Don’t hold back. Tell the truth.

Can we talk affairs of the heart for a moment?

Sometimes we meet people who really blow us away. I mean we meet individuals who we didn’t think would blow us away but do so in ways that appeals to every single part of our souls. I believe that the moment we find that person creeping into our thoughts and our fantasies we become a little undone and unraveled. We start to fumble and before we know it, the chemistry in our brain and bodies starts causing chaotic thoughts and actions which to some like to call being in love.

Listen I believe that we find who is for us when we least expect it. You may not be sure right away or maybe you will be but I believe there is always a hope in our hearts that when we meet someone amazing that they will be that one who will make us stop searching finally. We all just want that person to love us, hold us, hear us and just be the one we go to on stormy days and sunny days alike.

We have to be careful not to let too much over thinking or under reacting to mess up something that could potentially be beautiful. Human beings are amazing and we can be so incredibly good at being wonderful. However we can also destroy beautiful things by being scared. I don’t want to tip toe around speaking my truth…ever. We should all be able to say what’s on our minds without being scrutinized. Some people are just so incredibly easy to love and be with. Often times, those are the people who believe it the least.

Don’t hold back. Tell the truth.

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