Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

The same thing you want a lover to do for you, is what you should be doing for yourself first.

Be honest with yourself.

  • Honor your word aka have integrity

  • Do your very best

  • Acknowledge yourself

  • Be proud of yourself

  • Be loyal to yourself

  • Be brutally honest with yourself

  • Treat your body like a temple

  • Eat clean

  • Practice working your body

  • Breathe deeply

  • Meditate

  • Be clean

  • Journal

  • Maintain a clean environment

  • Reduce clutter

  • Participate in healthy conversations

When you make it a practice to do these things for yourself every single day for at least a year, then you are truly ready to be in a relationship. This can't work if you're in a relationship where one person wants this to work and the other person is unwilling. There is no point in doing that. Be with someone who is willing to elevate with you by working on you! This is about self love and self awareness. If they are unwilling to do the work then you need to keep it moving. Balance!!!!!!

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