Dating with Children

It is a fact that some of us date people with children from previous relationships. It is IMPERATIVE that a good relationship should be present among all the parents for the benefit of the children and the cohesiveness of the union. What's the point of being angry with your ex over them not wanting to be with you or whatever you're pissed at? It's crucial for mothers to get along because where there's strong sisterhood, ANYTHING is possible. I know that some people are just difficult to work with but realistically if we can all just drop our guards, talk and be vulnerable and open with each other, the raising of these children could be a wonderful experience. Be honest. Be upfront. Communicate. Tell the truth. Set clear intentions and conditions. The rest should fall into place. Let’s start being nicer to each other. Your perspective can shift when you become focused on loving yourself, that way you can love others too.

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