Dating in the Digital Age!

Finding the right person and solid relationships in this digital, swipe right, online dating age is downright harsh. Just when you think you’ve found someone worth seeing again, they don’t call back. What’s going on?

It’s a classic story… you meet someone online or maybe even through a friend, have an interesting text banter, and finally make a date. Even a ‘date’ seems novel in this new age of dating!  Now it’s more of a meet-and-greet. The morning of your date night comes around and you start feeling a little unsure and decide to cancel. Then you start envisioning a life of single-dom forever so you muster the energy to get your booty in the shower, make yourself pretty, pick an effortlessly sexy outfit and you start feeling pretty good about your gorgeous self.

Sparks fly, the connection is there and you’re feeling the vibes. By the end of the date you’re seeming to be a little smitten. You could actually have a relationship with this person. The daydreaming of the future fun, wedding and what your babies will look like begins! HA! Come on, girls… you know you’ve done it! The next day you wait for a text and you wait and wait and check your phone a million times to see nothing, except of course a text from Grandma, your best friend and the neighbor asking if you have any milk n sugar on hand. Every time you hear the text tone, you jump and know it’s got to be them…but it isn’t. You text again, then try calling, and then you start to really feel desperate when you text… ”are you alive?”

So why are these people not calling back after an amazing night full of connection and romantic starry eyes? The problem is the online dating age doesn’t mix well with relationships. Tinder and other dating apps allow such easy access to meeting the next hot girl, guys are getting spoiled, and girls are acting a little bit crazy. The two just don’t go well together. I have compiled the absolute TOP 4 rules to follow after a great date to ensure another date.

Don’t let them see you sweat.

Even if you are feeling like you just met your dream partner, keep these feelings to yourself. Please!!! Guys especially will run for the hills if they sense you are goo goo ga ga over them. But, don’t act so cool that they have no clue if you’re into them. It’s a delicate balance.

Don’t get too romantic on the first night.  

I know… things are getting hot and heavy and you want them to see how sexy you are, but STOP. Guys especially love mystery, they love to dream about you, and they actually like to work hard to get the girl. Don’t make it easy on him…at first. It works the same the around way around too. Its not all one sided.

Don’t play games.

If you want to text them first, go for it. There’s no need to follow any rules.  Just keep it short, sweet and funny. Enough said. If you start getting too deep, too lovey dovey, or too desperate they will never call you back.

When they do text you back, CONTINUE being short, sweet and funny. 

Now is not the time to break the fun with anything too heavy. The depth will come later. Allow the mystery and excitement to build and make him chase his princess. He will love it and you will feel like a queen. Again it works the same the around way around too.

This digital age is a unique time for dating, relationships and finding the love of your life, but I can assure you it still happens. Stay focused on being the best version of yourself and before you know it, you will be in a long-term relationship with your dream partner!

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