Creative Power

The bliss of love between one another pulls at your heart the way it does because you know it’s but a TASTE of a life FULLY LIVED far beyond what the meager, simple senses can detect.

The bottle of wine no matter how expensive, will run empty. Where does the muse go then? Is it possible the muse cannot be embodied, though God knows we try to make it so!?

Is it possible it might just be your appetite and capacity for LIFE, for all the things you bring into the world where there was nothing there before, is it possible the surrender that we all talk about is to far more than a single soul?

Remember, your creative power is nothing localized, packaged on a magazine or screen or latest listening is the very Source of all that birthed us, and all we will return to. It is the state of allowing the universe to adore you through and through, dear heart honor this love with every breath you draw.

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