Committing Yourself to Goals

The morning is glorious!!! Glorious, cold but beautiful. I totally feel like skipping work this morning BUT, I have a commitment to myself so I will be do what I do best. The thing about commitments is that sometimes if will be tedious, or a drag but guess what? If it were easy then how worth it would it be? How would you grow? How would you know your capacity for patience, strength, expansion and self awareness? I like doing uncomfortable things because my life is never ever the same afterwards.

I’m stronger every time I take on a lesson that looks like a breakdown but because I stand and learn it as opposed to running, I get a breakthrough. It wasn’t always like this but when you become sick of The Universe sending me the same lessons over and over again it takes a toll on oneself.

Weathering storms is something each person should become proficient at because there will ALWAYS be storms. It’s okay to feel like you can’t but keep pushing through and you’ll see that you can. Push through a storm and come out scarred, beaten and bloody BUT you get to tell the tale of a victor and not a victim. Shoot, pain isn’t unique…it’s not something that only one person goes through. We all experience pain….but it’s what you do with it. It’s your story of survival. It’s how you pushed through and persevered…THAT’S the story that’s worth telling…talking about how sad you are, how much you were mistreated and violated is good if you tell that story a couple times to purge it out of your system. You’re not going to tell it so you can be sorry for yourself. Please!!!!! You’ve been doing that! It’s time to tell a story of a victory.

I’m going to work now, and man let me tell you it’s worth going because my creativity can doing amazing things when least expected. I am victorious over my breakdowns. What about you? What will you be victorious over today?

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