Change Your Thoughts & You Change Your World

Specific thought patterns affect our bodies in predictable ways, releasing certain chemicals in response to each emotion.

When fear and anxiety sways over as your dominant mood over a long period of time, the constant release of stress hormones, cortisol, triggers an effect of chemicals that lead to heart disease, weight gain, and depression.

As with fear, other emotions and thoughts follow a typical pattern as they are projected onto the body in the form of illness. As per research, emotions travel everywhere in the body, they affect organs differently depending on what is happening in your life. This is where intuition comes in.

The human body is an amazing machine, and as a machine it requires regular maintenance and care to run as efficiently as possible. There are a variety of reasons your body can break down and get sick. Every illness is affected by emotional factors in your life.

Therefore, consciously choose to believe only good thoughts. You are a being of love and can only give love to the world around you in abundance. It’s so much easier to love than hate.

“Every act you do is either out of self-love or self-hate”

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