Are You Ready For True Love?

Loving someone because you want to is the ONLY reason to love someone. You can appreciate their style, beauty, compassion, sense of humor and a plethora of other things but you must love them because you chose to, not because of their traits. Consider that if they were no longer beautiful or kind or stylish or funny, would they still be loved if you loved them for these things? Love is consistent, it evolves, it transforms, it creates, it multiplies, it uplifts. It never, ever, ever stops because a person has changed for the worse. A true test of love is when someone is at their worst. It’s a test of your love when they are at their lowest, ugliest, angriest, most pitiful and even self loathing. This is when you see if it’s really love or if it was easy admiration. Get extremely clear on the difference before you get involved with someone’s heart. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings when you choose the words “I love you.” I love you means so much more when someone believes that they are not worthy of your love. It means so much more when they are at their very worst. The real test of love though, is when YOU are at your very worst and you don’t feel like feeling a thing, will you love yourself? Do you promise to love yourself even when it’s hard? If you can answer yes confidently, then you are truly ready for love.

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