Are you Living a Lie?

I love how people are pretending like they don’t know why people lie about stuff about themselves. Show me someone who has never lied or exaggerated about themselves to hide a part of themselves that they are ashamed of and can’t tolerate. I can tell that we are a society that encourages personal lies because of the rate that people are getting cosmetic surgeries. Look at the high volume of synthetic hair purchased. The number of fake asses going around. Fake eyelashes, fake nails, excessive makeup, fake boobs. The people on Catfish are liars, absolutely but see they just don’t have the means to get the cosmetic surgery so they lie online. But are they worse that those of who don all those fake things mentioned above? Are they worse than those of you who exaggerate about your skills? What about lying on your résumé? What about lying about affairs or how many people you’ve slept with? What about your background? 

People will say almost anything to be loved and accepted and that includes lying. Of course you start of knowing its bad to lie but when you see that the lie yields positive results you’ll keep lying. This is why the rate of plastic surgeries are so high. I mean, we all loved Michael Jackson, right?

He just wanted to be loved. We all do. So please stop acting like the people on Catfish are aliens. They are just easier to exploit and expose because they already think that they are worth nothing and by outing them but not offering to heal them, it’s actually making the situation far worse. But see we have become so far removed from compassion that we live to persecute people and not see that they are in pain. We are so far removed from our humanity that we ACTUALLY believe that these people are okay with telling a lie about themselves. At the core of humanity we all want to love and be loved however certain people don’t get to have that love because they look a certain way.

Everyone wants to love and be loved. But sometimes it’s that one person who you desire love from and it just seems hopeless, especially if its a parent or someone whom society sees as unequal.

Rise above your despair and of your best to heal the wounds of your past so you can have a happier future. I know it’s hard and your heart may be heavy at times but only joy will release you from the chains of sadness.


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