Are you Angry?

It’s not your anger that makes you unique. Sooo many people are very angry, but anger is dangerous if not funneled through the right source. Anger can be used to change things for the better. You think it makes sense to now hate others? No man….hate breeds more hate. The solution here is to love yourself enough to do something about transforming yourself. Love your community enough to take the time to teach our children to importance of loving yourself and doing things consistent with being a equal person. I think it’s critical for those of us who know better to do better. I really feel heart broken that this is a reality in the history of human kind but I think it can be used to really open up the dialogue about what we can do as a collective to make sure this doesn’t keep happening.

There’s no question that this is about fear. Fear makes you react in a way that’s inconsistent with light and love. It makes you cowardly and take actions that are problematic. Today let your love be the reason you make a change in your community to educate children and maybe some if your peers. We must do something to bring about change and transformation.

I respect the people who KNOW and ADMIT that they don’t know what it’s like to be feared because of their skin color or race but they know that it’s wrong and they want the pain to stop to. It takes courage and that’s LOVE.

Let your pain and sadness be a catalyst for transformation. Mentoring is a great option. You don’t like the justice system? Change it…go to law school. Find tangible ways to mobilize and transform all of this rage you have into something that can really bring about positive change for the future.

Today use LOVE to transform the world. Love only. Love.

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