Are You a Dangerous Woman?

At first, when I was asked to write about what it means to be a dangerous woman, I thought about difficult moments in my life when I was treated with prejudice.

However, I was not about to start writing something pessimistic, since I see no use in lamenting. So, I took some time to think, and commented on the topic with friends. Each one of my friends immediately replied that this is right, that I am a dangerous woman.

I was quite amused, but none of them could come up with any characteristic to describe why I fit such a concept. After reflecting a bit I was able to identify some characteristics that make people afraid, so I thought to share them with my "dangerous" peers. It will be very interesting to find out whether my views are shared by others.

It seems to me that the number one characteristic that identifies a dangerous woman is creativity. It is enough to do something out of the ordinary to observe that people around are disturbed.

Whenever one does something new there start complaints, objections, gossips. Everyone seems uncomfortable instead of appreciating originality. But then, what are we to do? Certainly we cannot give up.

If you are confident that you have a good idea, then you have to work to make the best of it. At this point comes what I think is the number two characteristic of a dangerous woman, tenacity.

You have to persist, to hold strong behind your ideas and beliefs. After all, if you do something that is really original, then it will be so new that most people are afraid to admire it, and will revert to criticism.

However, you just continue, have faith in yourself, and keep strong.

As soon as a woman does something successfully, there comes all kinds of aggressiveness. It is like as if it was a sin for a woman to excel in anything. It is natural that we become angry with the frustrating attitude of people around who seem to believe that only men are allowed to achieve success. But there is no advantage ever to foam at the mouth and join the angry crowd.

So, here is what I think is the number three characteristic of a dangerous woman, kindness.

We should never accept being treated poorly, nevertheless we still ought to always be kind. Be firm whenever necessary, but be kind always. The kindness we offer always returns to us in double. This might seem surprising, as perhaps the idea of dangerous woman might be associated with cut throat forcefulness, but such an attitude also returns to us twofold. By being mean you will only attract to yourself meanness.

Next comes a crucial issue. One needs to know how to identify what are the important things to do. What is correct and productive. This requires the characteristic number four that must belong to a dangerous woman, honesty.

As it is with honesty that one acquires the capacity of seeing the truth, and a vision of the truth is essential to success in any area. It is my opinion that honesty is the same as love.

With love comes good health, and good health is the topmost richness that we can possess. Without good health nothing else matters.

It is first necessary to be healthy, then we can take care of other issues. I have read from the school of the indian philosopher Aurobindo that every pain is a sign of falsehood. This is absolutely correct.

With honesty there comes good health. With good health comes strength. Next comes courage. But first there must be honesty, honesty is essential.

Perhaps so far this all sounds serious, so it's time to play. One must always play a little bit every day, or even better, a lot every day. Laugh, rejoice, dance, skip, stretch, enjoy yourself.

Now we come to the most fun of the essential characteristics of a dangerous woman, number five, cheerfulness.

Do not take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive. Enjoy life, enjoy people, enjoy your success and celebrate every victory, even when it seems like a little issue, every victory counts, celebrate each one. Every celebration is a show of gratitude. Every time you are grateful there come more reasons to be grateful. Make sure that you hear yourself saying cheers often.

Let me summarise. I have just discussed five characteristics that seem to be essential for a dangerous woman.

Keeping these characteristics is a good recipe for success.

They are:

Creativity, Tenacity, Honesty, Kindness, and Cheerfulness.

A single woman with such characteristics can create harmony around.

A dangerous woman with such characteristics will have success, and make the world around them a better place!

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