I believe that people may dip in and out of our lives and vice versa for many reasons. We are like waves, sometimes we are up and other times down or just even. We DEFINITELY have to be aware of what stage of life we are in and what energetic vibration we are putting out into the world.

People reflect certain aspects of our personalities and lives. You have to ask yourself, “What is this person teaching me about me?” There will be situations that will literally baffle you, overwhelm you and make you sad. You won’t know what to make of what’s happening. I encourage you to stay present and deal with the dynamic that you are presently in and don’t try to equate it to something in your past or create a thought that it will have significance in your future. Deal with the now and see how you can draw power from the current moment. The present moment is a time to grow, expand and learn about yourself. It is a time for construction and development of your highest self.

You are not the reason for some else’s bad behavior. You are not responsible for their feelings or thoughts. You are not responsible for their actions. You are not responsible for their emotions. You are not responsible for their choices. You are responsible for yourself, thoughts, emotions, choices and actions. Choose powerfully in the NOW!

No one can make you feel anything you don’t CHOOSE to feel. Stop deflecting. You have a choice. No one is holding you hostage, because I have every reason in the world to be outrageously happy. I think we find reasons to nitpick and not honor the glorious feelings of joy. We could be stuck in a hospital bed dying of some illness but most of us aren’t. It takes something out of your soul to will yourself to be happy despite circumstances. Every little step for a greater you counts. Rome wasn’t built in a day just like having a positive internal environment won’t happen overnight.

Take the time to let your happiness work in your favor. Work at it daily. You CAN do it. I love you.

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