A Man's Purpose

Gentlemen, when you know you’re searching for yourself, please let the ladies that take interest in you know that. It’s not cool to allow a woman to be up in your space, be kind to you, cook for you and basically allow her to girlfriend things knowing fully well you’re emotionally unavailable. That’s not cool, actually it’s cowardly and manipulative. Be honest about where you are in your life. If you like her but you know you can’t give her what she deserves then tell her. Recognize that a good woman will be loyal to you as long as you’re honest to her, however if you lie and toy with her emotions then you have to know that her anger will be justified. Honesty is the best policy. If you also realize she can’t handle being just your friend then you need to pull back and honor yourself and her by putting the fire out on that situation.

A man should Search for his purpose. Re centering. Purging. Grounding himself. Taking time to be with his thoughts without the company of a woman per say.  A responsible man takes the time to step back when he realizes he’s messing up and finds a way to correct his errors. As opposed to the man who tries to pretend he has it together and fakes the funk while destroying all in his path. That is why a man who knows himself knows when to take a step back to regroup and bring healing to himself and his environment. You can’t do that when you have people in your face.

I’m talking about a man who is cool with a woman and let’s her do her thing but by not being honest about not being in a relationship.


If he doesn’t believe in himself or love himself, how exactly do you expect him to love you? Do you think by being there and supporting him he will magically decide that loving you will be the end to his worries? Ladies stop trying to be wives/girlfriends/ lovers to men who TELL YOU that they are just searching for themselves right now. Don’t hang out on the bleachers of life thinking he will run to you when he has his aha moment but then hate him when he never comes around. Don’t give out wife energy to a almost maybe possible, boo. Heck no!!! Stop it. Stop it. Use that energy on yourself. Be a friend and support him but in a way that empowers both of you and that doesn’t leave you both in an awkward situation because of expectations.

Think on it.

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