Life won’t always be kind. In fact sometimes it can be really harsh, cold and destructive. We go through these storms that make us doubt everything in our lives. We doubt our essence, our worth and our ability to survive. But you know what? Here we are, right? On my journey I have met people who have been raped, abused, discarded, beaten, imprisoned, kicked down, held down, and just violated but those people are some of the KINDEST people I’ve ever met. More than kind, but the storms they have weathered have made experienced and compassionate. I just admire them so much. I don’t know what gives people strength. I know that this life is to be lived very well despite any unfortunate circumstances. Life is good. Remember to give thanks for all of it.

You’ll survive this life. You aren’t going to break. You’ll be very much okay. I mean we will all be. Take it moment by moment and you’ll find freedom in each new breath. Today may have been horrendous but tomorrow is an opportunity for it to be awesome. You’re a magician, you know? Use your thoughts to channel the positivity within you to every cell in your body and out into the universe. You can do it. I believe in you.

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